Are Your Food Choices ‘Fit’ For An Olympic Champion?

I have many things in life that I get excited about and I must say, the winter Olympics is one of them.   If you have been watching the games, you will no doubt be impressed by the high level of fitness, the strength and clarity of purpose that the athletes display.   I can’t help but […]

Investing 1% Effort Each Day Equals Big Reward

This is a true experience I recently had.  In the fall of 2009, September to be exact, I was contracted to speak at one of our local corporations’ health and safety training workshop.  I had an audience of just under 300 people with more than 98% of the audience being men.   I had delivered to […]

Eat Less to Have Better Health and More Happiness

In his book, 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, Dr. David Niven, tells us fruit eaters feel good about what they eat, are less interested in eating junk food, and ultimately feel better overall.  He makes the case for eating fruits by saying that fruit-eating is linked with an 11% higher likelihood of feeling capable […]

Children and Obesity: Who’s in charge of what they eat?

I am sure lately it would seem that more and more children are heavier and heavier.  You are likely to also hear the talks about this phenomenon on the radio and the television talk shows.  You may also have children who are overweight/obese or know someone who does.  With more than 25% of children overweight […]

So, How’s it going with your Health Goals?

We are two weeks into the New Year and I had noticed a swell of new people at the local gym where I work out. This is the normal rise in numbers that I have experienced over the many years of going to our local YWCA.  I am commenting on this observation for two reasons:  […]

What are Your Health Goals for 2010?

Happy 2010!  This is a great opportunity to take some time and map out your health strategies for 2010.  The same approach you might have used to carve out your business goals is the same approach that is necessary for you to have success in health and happiness.  I am not a big fan of […]