Leaders, What do You see Ahead?

I sat on a committee awhile back with a group of men and women all of whom held positions of leadership in their organizations.  I struck up a conversation with one of the members who was freshly unemployed. Curious, I asked him about the circumstances around his dismissal from his role as CEO.  He shared […]

Fire Them… Up With Praise & Recognition!

Why for the most part we will not hesitate to praise a child for even making a feeble attempt at a task; but for the adults with whom we work; it’s like pulling teeth for some leaders to give praise. Praise and recognition reap far more reward than it takes to give.  Or, am I […]

Are You leading in a ”Rain Shadow”

I love mountains. Some how I am drawn to them and am often moved by their sheer majesty and awesomeness! So, recently when I came upon a wonderful article on the topic of mountains, I was ecstatic. It beautifully described the variations in mountains. The different types of mountains and the impact each has on […]

What’s Strengthening You?

I work with a few leaders who harbour the belief because their direct reports are adults they should know better. They should do better and essentially go off and do what they signed up for-after all, aren’t they adults?! It is this perspective that do these leaders in. What do I mean? They carry certain […]

Accountability: A Great Way to Develop Teams

I read an article about accountability recently where the author made me stop and think about how I use the word accountability.  The essence of his article was the tendency for leaders to use the word accountability more often than not in a negative way. When used the word often conjures up images of being […]