The Fifth Solution: A Flexible Plan for Health

5TH Solution: Flexible Plan for Health My previous blogs have touched on the importance of a plan versus using will power.  In this blog, I would like to tackle this concept some more.  Healthy and happy people know that a plan is better than will power. Not so with unhealthy and unhappy people they (the unhealthy […]

Is Your Life Organized?

As we continue to explore the strategies necessary for living our healthiest and happiest life, one can’t ignore the role organization plays.   How organized is your life? What are you tolerating? Have you considered how these tolerations might be limiting you from living your healthiest and happiest life?  So many of my clients ask for […]

What’s the Difference?

Why does it always  look like some people have it all and others, just are plain “unlucky”? Why does it seem it is the people who are healthy and happy who keep getting more of what they have?  Why do people who are faced with all sorts of health challenges seem to end up getting […]

Planting the Seeds of Health

I woke this morning to a beautiful fog covered city- not smog- but natural fog brought about by a combination of natural creation- it was beautiful!     Naturally, I found a link between the beautiful fog formation, spring-time and seed planting and of course- your health. I  learned that there are a number of different types […]

The Olympians continued

My last blog about the Olympians and the focus, dedication and commitment they bring to their games has really got me thinking more about how this same approach relates to you and your health goals.  The athletes spend years training, gave up many sacrifices such as moving away from their homes to train elsewhere, working […]

So, How’s it going with your Health Goals?

We are two weeks into the New Year and I had noticed a swell of new people at the local gym where I work out. This is the normal rise in numbers that I have experienced over the many years of going to our local YWCA.  I am commenting on this observation for two reasons:  […]