Why Knowing how to Receive Feedback Gets you out of the Ditch

You are a middle manager in a large technology company. You are feeling very stressed because of being behind on key work deliverables. This you suspect has added to your feelings of stress and thoughts that things are out of your control. Your senior manager recently requested you add another project to your workload. You […]

Who are you when no one’s watching?

Awhile back I was asked by a client who is a healthcare professional to provide some Dietitian coaching for him. You see, he had recently undergone significant surgery due to being diagnosed with cancer, had gone through all the treatments and now is back at work. Needless to say, this would have been a pretty […]

4 Ways Coaching Works for Teens

Recently I listened to a fascinating interview with a neurologist about the teenaged brain. It was confirmed by this neurologist, who is also a mother of teenagers, that the teenaged brain is not fully developed until mid to late twenties. This has a lot of implications for us parents of children under the age of […]

Could Faith Play a Role Against Bullying?

In my previous post entitled: Bullies: Born or Raised I asked 3 questions, the first is the title of the previous blog and the second question is: How do we raise children to take a stand against bullying?  This is one of those questions that have many different answers all of which are valuable. Of […]

Bullies: Born or Raised? 5 Ways to Tell

I recently wrote a piece for our local community newspapers and I called it ” Bullies Born or Raised”? It was inspired by  the recent “cry baby award”  given to an eight year old boy by one of our local organizations. A group of parents were brought together on  a panel to discuss the optics […]

3 Game Changers that can make or break you: Part 2

Last post I shared game changer number 1: Attitude toward the intention with you. In this post game changer number 2: Peer Pressure will show you just how much we rely on others to help us take action and change our behaviour. Once you know that common sense is anything but common and that it […]