Keeping Taking Shots at the Net

So for some businesses summer can be a bit challenging to keep the revenues flowing and the business growing.  I’ve always heard this and never quite believed it. Here’s why- I noticed when I keep taking shots at the net my company just grows in the way I want it to grow.  When I ease […]

Changing Work Culture Starts at Home

So, one of my business associate and I were recently asked by the CEO and CFO of a company to help them change their corporate culture. Naturally, we were thrilled to get this kind of request from the top guns of this company.  I was raised as a young girl with the saying ” if […]


So last week I was at my neice’s grade 12 convocation service. Of course, I was very happy, pleased and proud of her accomplishments and the fact that she was able to stick-it-out to graduate from grade 12.  Over the years I have been to many of my neices, nephews and cousins’ grade 12 convocations […]

Why Knowing how to Receive Feedback Gets you out of the Ditch

You are a middle manager in a large technology company. You are feeling very stressed because of being behind on key work deliverables. This you suspect has added to your feelings of stress and thoughts that things are out of your control. Your senior manager recently requested you add another project to your workload. You […]