Well Leaders… Protect Their People

How much trust do the people you lead have in you? How confident are they that you won’t throw them under the proverbial bus? Well leaders protect their people.  They do so in many ways that say I care about you and I value you.  It’s quite similar to parenting.  Children are gifts given to […]

Well Leaders…Practice MBWA

Would your people be suspicious to have you visit them in their work area? Would they scratch their heads in puzzlement as to whether you are lost or are spying on them?  Would they pretend all is well to see you in their area but you know deep down they are most uncomfortable with your […]

Well Leaders… Lead Well

If you revel in the employee who comes into the office at 6:30a.m. and leaves at 9:00p.m. I have news for you.  If you the leader happens to be that employee who is putting in long days and night into the business, I have news for you.  This belief that you come in to work […]

Letting Go is Easier With IDARE

Last post I shared with you how we first make our habits and then these same habits turn around and make us. Today, I’d like for us to talk some more about this from the perspective of ‘Letting Go’.  Why do so many of us choose to hold on to things that are just downright […]