Accountability: A Great Way to Develop Teams

I read an article about accountability recently where the author made me stop and think about how I use the word accountability.  The essence of his article was the tendency for leaders to use the word accountability more often than not in a negative way. When used the word often conjures up images of being […]

Perspective: Keep,Release or Adopt a New One

More often than not our joy and peace lie in the view we hold of certain situations.  Recently, one of my clients shared with me the power behind holding a perspective designed to align with the purpose she is working towards, supports the process necessary to achieve the  purpose and her people. The challenge she […]

There’s Power Behind Pausing to Evaluate

Though coaching is designed to keep people moving forward it doesn’t mean you must always be ‘ actively doing something’. There is power to be found in moments of stillness and quiet-if you can handle the stillness and quiet. Too many leaders allow the the many fires that prop up every day to take them […]

IDARE: The Secret Sauce for Successful Managing

Most managers have good intentions when they first set out to work. Sadly ,these may go by the wayside when too many competing priorities cause them to set aside the very tasks that would give them a sense of meaning in their duties and responsibilities. Here’s what I mean.  Knowing what your purpose is for […]

Build Confidence:Give Progressive Feedback

Feedback is a tool that offers managers an opportunity to develop their direct reports by reinforcing positive behaviour, increasing learning and proficiency and consequently improved performance. _ Essentials of Performance Coaching Feedback when given effectively will achieve the following: Creates awareness of how things could be done Offers new, more empowering insight Broadens vision and […]