Pouring Into People

I was listening to a minister who shared his insights on how he got to where he is today in his career. I was intrigued by all the seemingly innocuous people he mentioned alongside the obvious ones.   Some of the people he mentioned who helped him rise up in his career he did not know […]

Problems are Questions Unsolved

‘Problems are questions that are unsolved ’_Tony Robbins Thinking about throttling that employee? What if you are looking for a way to break through and connect to a difficult employee and I say to you- use questions, what would be the first thought that crossed your mind? You’re crazy! Or, what does asking questions have […]

Lifts or Weights-Which Role do you Play?

Lifts and Weights- which of these words best describes your leadership style? To help you choose, let us look at what it takes to get an aircraft off the ground.  No matter the size of the aircraft four principles must be in place. Let’s take a look at two of these principles. The plane needs […]

Creating A Coaching Environment

As a manager, your role will be dual as you will be coaching a coachee who reports directly to you, and you must keep the goals of the organization front and centre. This does not stop you from coaching your employees to work to achieve their full potential both professionally and personally. Coaching provides you […]

Straight Line or Zig Zag to the Destination?

I listened to a great talk recently the essence of which was about the path taken to get to our goals. The video talk was a beautiful story about a grandfather and his grandson one winter’s day-who headed out to visit neighbouring family whose farm was a few miles away from theirs. Upon arriving at […]

Why Employees Keep Silent

A year ago a client shared he didn’t want to be ‘the guinea pig’ in his organization.  This comment was made in response to a question I asked him. I wanted to know what was his response to an encounter he had with his director who, according to my client, treated him rather un-professionally and […]