What’s My Role in it all?

I don’t know if turning 50 makes one more patient with certain things and just absolutely impatient with others.  I find I am in this place and frankly speaking I love it!  I  truly do not care for certain things and make no bones about letting those who wish to impose them upon me know […]

Are you Expecting More than You Give?

Do you or someone you know want more than you’re willing to give? This might sound crazy but there are many people ‘out there’ who expect an A+ quality of life but perform at a D to a C level daily.  Truth is stranger than fiction and I get to witness the truth of this […]

Enough is Enough!

Sometimes we just have to say enough is enough!  I am not taking _____________ (fill in the blank) anymore!  I do take a lot of peace and contentment in being someone who looks for solutions.  I truly see the glass as half-full.  I look for the good in people- even when they are trying to […]

A happy Childhood-Good or Bad for Life?

According to  Texas novelist/songwriter and satirist- Kinky Friedman “A happy childhood is the worst possible preparation for life”. I got a good chuckle from this. It also made me do a double take and really see past the intended humour and satire to the elements of truths that’s wrapped up in it. Now, I’m all […]