Keeping Taking Shots at the Net

So for some businesses summer can be a bit challenging to keep the revenues flowing and the business growing.  I’ve always heard this and never quite believed it. Here’s why- I noticed when I keep taking shots at the net my company just grows in the way I want it to grow.  When I ease […]

5 Tips to Be More Flexible: Why Your Perspective Matters

Flexibility and adaptability tend to be the other Achilles heel for most managers. These two traits along with self-awareness are responsible for most managers’ success or downfall. So why does being flexible and adaptable matter to a successful career? Well, it actually matters to a successful life overall. Whether you are a parent navigating the […]

Why Self-Awareness Matters to Managers

In a recent blog I wrote about the qualities managers most admired in leaders but sadly don’t see these very same qualities in themselves. In this post I put forward the case for why self-awareness matters tremendously to managers. If you are managing, leading and or developing people I will say right off the […]