So last week I was at my neice’s grade 12 convocation service. Of course, I was very happy, pleased and proud of her accomplishments and the fact that she was able to stick-it-out to graduate from grade 12.  Over the years I have been to many of my neices, nephews and cousins’ grade 12 convocations […]

How do you set a challenge? How do you make a request?

I have been working with a client who really is one of those clients you wished your entire practice is made up of- so easy to work with. This client provides the right amount of challenges for me to earn what she pays and yet does what she says she would do in a timely […]

Is it the Situation or You That’s Causing you Pain?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit._ Aristotle  A powerful quote of course and it begs the question what are your daily habits?  How well are they serving you?  One of my favourite tools in our 7 power tools for coaching is Reacting vs. Responding. I recently […]

Why Knowing how to Receive Feedback Gets you out of the Ditch

You are a middle manager in a large technology company. You are feeling very stressed because of being behind on key work deliverables. This you suspect has added to your feelings of stress and thoughts that things are out of your control. Your senior manager recently requested you add another project to your workload. You […]

Why Focusing on Your Weaknesses is the Problem

I was at a leadership meeting  recently for one of my volunteer organizations when the person leading the meeting asked us the following question: “What is your biggest leadership challenge you are facing right now”?  Two persons responded, one said  not having enough time.  The other person asked a question, ” is there a problem/challenge […]