Bullies: Born or Raised? 5 Ways to Tell

I recently wrote a piece for our local community newspapers and I called it ” Bullies Born or Raised”? It was inspired by  the recent “cry baby award”  given to an eight year old boy by one of our local organizations. A group of parents were brought together on  a panel to discuss the optics […]

Embrace the Edge: 3 Questions to Stop Falling Over

I often say to my clients ” I will take you close to the edge but I won’t let you fall over” some of them understand exactly what I mean others look at me with confusion and puzzlement in their eyes.  I usually then remind them why they sought my service and what it is […]

Game Changer #3: Your Belief

Game changer #3 is a powerful one because even with the other two game changers, if your belief isn’t aligned with your overall intention, no amount of peer pressure or positive intention will get you what you want. This game changer stops many people. It is why so many run the race all the way […]

3 Game Changers that can make or break you: Part 2

Last post I shared game changer number 1: Attitude toward the intention with you. In this post game changer number 2: Peer Pressure will show you just how much we rely on others to help us take action and change our behaviour. Once you know that common sense is anything but common and that it […]

3 Game Changers that can make or break you: Part 1

Last post I introduced you to the power behind Intention and how it helps you and your team get more done when it is clear.  The trick behind using Intention to keep you and your team moving forward is learning how to conquer one of our biggest stumbling blocks- our own common sense!    Results from […]

5 Tips for Successful Performance Coaching

The art and science of coaching individuals into living and working at their best is an invaluable skill to possess. Managers, supervisors, health care professionals, trainers and team leaders all can testify to the many benefits of getting their employees, clients, patients, direct reports and participants ( coachees ) taking positive action. Knowing how to […]