What sets healthy and happy people apart from the rest ?

So many people use food as a form of addiction to fill the spaces or void in their lives.   This is similar to the use of alcohol, excessive television watching, shopping excessively and compulsively or verbal attacks on others as a way to make them feel better.  Knowing the difference between physical hunger and psychological hunger is what sets healthy and happy people apart.

Healthy and happy people know what true hunger feels like.  They know this because they have always respected their bodies by listening and tuning in to the signals it sends them.  They therefore eat to satisfy this physical hunger, not the psychological hunger that creates unhealthy and unhappy hunger.

Healthy and happy people know they are not their physical bodies what they look like or what others think about them does not define who they truly are.

This is not true of unhealthy and unhappy people. Unhealthy and unhappy people practice the very opposite. They are preoccupied with their physical appearance, what others think about them and they define themselves based on these external opinions.   Rather than listening to the amazing energy source that resides within them they turn to external sources.  They end up eating for comfort, shopping for comfort, berating others for comfort; on and on it goes.

What are your thoughts on this perspective about what sets healthy and happy people apart from the rest?

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, Dietitian Coach


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